Oi you Gits – da boss is ‘ere!

The Australian summer is not conducive to painting… nonetheless I have a new campaign/tournament happening in 2020. And a new army list too – we have to stick with the same list for the whole company – 2.4k using ETC rules (so Greenskins get an extra 100 points to use! ‘Cause our list is weak…).

A new list needs a new boss – so here he is. Warboss Gitrot. Painted in one three hour session while the family slept.

I’ll put up the list once the competition has started.

Something different!

So last year as well as being in my WHFB league I got challenged by my friend Mr B into an AoS thing – started as Skirmish, then a Slow Grow League (which I had to drop out of), but I kept going with the painting anyway.

Long story short. I’ve got a good sized Maggotkin army now. Ahem. Award winning Maggotkin army! No – I suck at playing, but I’ve won some painting awards at least from the latest round of Armies on Parade at the local Games Workshop store.

Third place overall

Best monsters.

Best newcomer – yes, first time I’ve entered!

And here’s the army!

AoS Maggotkin Update:


Lord of Plagues


5 Blight Kings

5 Blight Kings

5 Blight Kings

30 Plague Bearers

3 Beasts of Nurgle

Spoilpox Scrivener

Herald of Nurgle

6 Nurgling bases

6 Plague Drones

Lord of Blights

Slopity Bilepiper

Horticulous Smilux

Great Unclean One

3 Feculent Gnarlmaws


Harbinger of Nurgle

30 Warrior of Chaos

Gutrot Spume

And in case you think I’ve slipped off the true path, here’s what I’m working on next…

Who are the Daemons of Chaos?

Madness made manifest. Emotions and thoughts magnified through lies to become tangible. Mere motes of the psychic storms that morals in their ignorance call gods. Sentient extremes. Daemons are uncreation – the antithesis of order and form, and yet in manifesting in the world they are clothed in something akin to it in order to impose the dark will of their masters upon the frail film of this world.

The vast majority of Daemons are servants of each of the four great powers (Khorne, Tzeentch, Slannesh and Nurgle) and as such on the table embody their patron’s interests and will: bloodshed; magic; hedonism; despair. Daemons have a hierarchy of their own – with the Greater Daemons the top, followed by the Heralds of their masters, then the lesser Daemons, then the Daemonic Beasts.

Daemons are creatures of the warp – expect magic aplenty, but likewise, expect the weapons of the mortals that have been enchanted with the power of the warp to reap a greater toll among them. Being creatures of not of this world, Daemons suffer from instability – like the undead – losses in combat cause that hold to weaken and hastens their return to the emperium.

Greater Daemons are the among most fell beings ever to walk the world – avatars of the ruinous powers themselves. Only the greatest of heroes can stand against them (and live!). <in theory – enough rune cannon shots may ruin anyone’s day 😜>. But let’s be honest here – if you’re a run of the mill Elf/Goblin/Orc/Human/Skaven/Lizard – these guys mean brown pantaloons time…

Who are the Warriors of Chaos?

The grim men of the north. Those who follow the Dark Gods outside the false shackles of civilization. They heed the call of the Gods and march south to raze the cities of weaker lesser men.

Chaos Warriors are the brutal fist of the game. Chaos armour. Strength and Weapon skill that competes with the elites of lots of armies. Did I mention these guys are a core unit? Give them a mark of Chaos. Vary their equipment. These guys are nasty and can do anything. One thing – they ain’t cheap. So when that cannon or Fanatic hits it will hurt you.

Chaos Knights are everything good about Warriors turned up to 11 and put on a angry horse. Chosen lack the horse but are also the top (too ott? They lack speed and don’t represent the value for points that basic warriors do).

Marauders are your numbers and chaff. The numberless hordes of folk living beyond civilization that follow the darkness but have not given themselves wholly to the ruinous powers to become warriors of chaos. Low on armour but who cares. These are the guys to absorb the arrows, grapeshot and add numbers to a charge. Their cavalry gives you a light option to draw out threats to your heavier Warriors.

The north is home to vile monsters – the laws of nature having been sundered and lost to the warping influence of Chaos. Troll? Nope – we’ve got Chaos Trolls. Chaos Ogres. Vortex Beasts. Chaos Spawn.

Each Warrior seems to prove himself to his deity to transcend this world. This experience apotheosis as Daemon Prince or be reduced to nothing as a Spawn. As they show their worth to their divine patron they may be gifted with various blessings from one of the Chaos powers (blessing may not be right word here to the sane…). The point is that the leaders of a Chaos army are stupidly powerful. Amazing stats – powerful abilities. But you pay. In every sense, you pay…

With your soul

Or with everything…

Who are the Beastmen?

I’ve talked about Orcs and Goblins, and Skaven already. Here’s another horde army – poor armor, massed infantry. What makes the Beastmen different?

These are the Beasts of Chaos – the wilderness is not simply waiting to be tamed and built upon. In it lurks the true children of Chaos -the Beasts that walk. The hunger that will consume the civilized folk and bring everything good and beautiful to ruin. They are bestial fury – savagery given form.

Masters of the wilderness – one key difference from O&G and Skaven is the the Beasts are adept ambushers. You can deploy elements of your army via delayed deployment to the sides and rear of the table.

And don’t forget the big stuff… Minotaurs. Angry pig rockets targeting enemy wizards. Giants. Cygors. Ghorgon. Jabberslyth. Chaos Spawn. Chaos – the End Times also allowed you to take Marks of Chaos on you units which was very fluffy.

The key word here is feral. No they aren’t the best troops in the game. But they’ll stampede over you, gore your face and yell the praises of the wilds while doing it. This isn’t about nature. It’s about beasts gone chaotic. Savagery.

Who are the Skaven?

Life is nasty and cheap. I have a feeling that if Stalin play Warhammer this would have been his army. Masses of utterly disposable troops. The ability to intentionally fire into your own disposable troops that have locked the enemy in place…

Sure, your leadership is as bad as Goblins but you make up for it being braver in large numbers. In Greenskin society violence in endemic, because violence is just part of who the Orcs and Goblins are. Skaven are hierarchical and each layer treat the ones below are disposable.

Life in the Under-Empire is cheap. So on the Table everything counts in large amounts, and you shouldn’t get too attached to anything. So what makes this different to O&G? Well – this is like a ratty to Hell. Packs of mutated giant rats. Packs of mutated rats the rise of Ogres, with the bodies of Ogres. Rats mutated with creatures from the darkest pits under the world. See the trend? The Skaven’s attitude of life being cheap means that they’ve used Warpstone (solidified magic) to fuel their dark industries.

Warpstone also fuels their magic (You can use it for additional dice when casting), and it underpins their arcane/science for their war machines. But remember my post on magic in Warhammer? Magic here is unreliable – unsafe. Ingesting solidified magic comes with a sizable risk…

The Skaven are a dark reflection of the surface world – their society has tunnels under the whole world. They gnaw, and tunnel, but their culture is not one that really builds to greatness. They are creatures of Chaos. They are petty and nasty. They seek to bring the world to ruin. To spread disease. To lay everything as low as they themselves are, and then to gnaw on the bones.

Who are the Dwarfs?

Beards, axes, beer, attitude. You know the score. Warhammer wouldn’t be Warhammer without Dwarfs (as much as it pains my green heart to write that!). They are a quintessential part of the game.

This is the army you have to confront, but in a considered way. They have the firepower to hurt you if you try to outshoot them. They are naturally magic resistant – even more so if they take a Runesmith, let alone an Anvil of Power. But you can’t just charge at them blindly. Even their basic troops have toughness 4 and excellent armour. Even their ranged troops are well armored. If you’re going to charge at the Dwarfs you either want to have really weakened the unit first, or have some seriously good anti-armour buffs on your own unit. And then we come to their elite units grumble… better get some more Fanatics for those shiny stunty Gits…

What the Dwarfs don’t have is cavalry. Got a gyrocopter, and miners popping out behind the enemy, but no horses. You’re slow. Deal with it – no angry badgers. This isn’t Kings of War kids – not every army has a counter to its normal weakness.

But you have access to more reliable guns than anyone else so suck it up princess (rarely do you get to call Dwarfs princesses so I’m doing this while I can!).

The big thing to remember is just that – memory – Dwarfs are one of the oldest races. They’ve had clashes with Elves for millennia. They have ancestral grudges against greenskins going back since the White Dwarf first decided to grow his beard. They’ve been fighting off Skaven since the rats first decided to supplement cheese with the flesh of bipedals. Their society is OLD – and everyone has failed them. If you’re going to play Dwarfs play with a bad attitude and a long memory.

Who are the Elves?

Hang on – one article, not three?

Yep. Here’s the thing. Elves are hyper skilled. They excel at what they do. They are all extremists in their own ways – what they excel at may change, but both in the fluff, and on the table, Elves are variations on a theme.

They are a people sundered by old divides. And yet, under the fractures, they are still one kind.

Dragons – in all three Elven shards you’ll find an affinity with Dragons. Be the ancient beasts of the dawn of time, the corrupted hatchlings, or wild beasts of the forests. All Elves relate somehow to dragons – it speaks to their underlying otherness – these aren’t just humans with pointy ears!

Masters of Magic – tied up with their affinity for dragons is their affinity for accented magic. These people took magic to extremes millennia before magic was even legal in the Empire – heck, before there was an Empire!

Fast Gits – they’re all fast. No seriously. Better movement. Much better initiate. No they might not wear as much heavy armour as your elites, but by Asuryan/Khaine/Kurnous they’ll kill you seven times over before you get to swing your sword at them!

Ranged combat – no, they don’t don’t black powder weapons but expect the sky to turn black with arrows and bolts…

Lastly – Elves excrete excellence. They will nearly always be outnumbered on the table (if they aren’t what the hell are you fielding against them???), but are superb at what ever they do. Don’t treat them like humans with disposable ranks. That’s not their game. Pick your fights. You’ll nearly always win where you choose – so fight where you want to, and not where your opponent wants to.